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Designing Healthcare Facilities requires careful planning because lives depend on the facility it's equipment, staff, and furnishings.  Selecting the proper furniture which meet the healthcare standards can be challenging and requires understanding of use, function and long term value.  


Our Healthcare Idea Book give you a glimpse of how Axess and It's group manufacturing partnerships can provide a comprehensive solutions when it comes to furnishing a healthcare facility.  This book intended as an IDEA STARTER.  By no means it should be interpreted as the only solution we have. 


Click on the Pic or HERE to download the Healthcare Idea Book.

Idea Book For Healthcare 2020 cover imag
Idea Starters.jpg

AIS Calibrate Idea Starters is a great place to start.  Here, we give you Ideas on what you can accomplish using the Different AIS Systems.

Clicking on the LEFT picture will take you to the Idea Starter Images.  Clicking on the Right picture will take you to the INNOVATIVE e-Typical Configurator where you can get system ideas based on your requirements.  After choosing your typical, you can then download it in several formats including Auto Cad in 2D and Isometric as well as other tools.


Lets get started by click on Either the LEFT Pic or RIGHT 

The healthcare vertical market is the fastest growing market worldwide.  Healthcare facilities, providers are constantly looking at innovative solutions for their facilities.

ESI's Healthcare solutions brochure will help you understand the solutions we provide for the healthcare industry.


Click on the Pic or HERE to download ESI's Healthcare Brochure.

** Please visit the website for the most accurate pricing

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Today's work environment is no longer traditional.  The world is your workplace.  You can do business anywhere you can connect.  You're on the move. 


With this changing work environment, public spaces become your offices which puts a greater demand on furnishings which cater to this environment such as Banquets, Cafe, Breakout, Dining, CO-OP, or any other public space.  

ERG is proud to put together our Banquettes - 2019 Brochure which will provide you with ideas and solutions to this changing environment.


Click on the Pic or HERE to download the banquettes 2019 idea book.

Malibu_Banquette Scene_ET.jpg
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