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Odie Personal Storage Companion

Odie is the latest addition to our portfolio of innovative Personal Storage Companions designed to help you thrive in today’s dynamic workplace. Packed with personal storage and filing capacity, Odie is designed to travel distances comfortably…from classroom to classroom, floor to floor and building to building. Enhanced mobility features include oversized casters to roll over most surfaces with stability and durability. Stand up and protect your posture with Odie’s three-stage telescoping handle. Odie pairs well with Bill and Marty to provide a wonderful opportunity to energize your workspace with another loyal, hard-working companion. 


Calibrate Community

Community takes the Calibrate laminate family one step farther with a simple kit of parts that provides meaningful options for the open plan. Designed with the warmth of residential furniture and the efficiencies of panel systems, Calibrate Community sets clear boundaries for personal space, delineates team areas, and creates a sense of place. No matter how you define community, Calibrate Community has you covered.

EXCHANBGE 2.0.3.jpg


Designed in collaboration with Nick Gillissie, Exchange consists of seven injection-molded recycled plastic components, equating to 16 standard configurations and over 300,000 possibilities. An alternative to traditional workstations and boardrooms, Exchange supports overall wellness by promoting movement and collaboration. Its flexible design gives individuals the freedom to work how and where they want.

Mantra Family.jpg


Exuding classic and timeless design, Mantra is as beautiful, focused and motivating as the conversations it facilitates. While the modern workplace is ever-shifting, the need for sophisticated solutions for private offices, executive spaces, home offices, and small boardrooms will always endure. Mantra features a distinct, elegant Lemni Arm, drawn from ‘lemniscate’, which represents the symbol of the mathematical concept of infinity

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